What is a Social Media Strategist?

So I’ve been on the job as digital content editor at Park Nicollet for about three weeks now and already people have questions. I’m not talking about questions from my colleagues, I’m talking about questions from my friends and family. They want to know what I’m doing now, professionally speaking. My wife, whom I love more than anything, sort of hung me out to dry on Facebook when she wrote:


While her status update was certainly warranted, and supportive (as she always is), it put me in a line of fire. A friend of mine responded to her post with this gem:


I liked it, so did four other people. But it got me thinking about how was going to explain my job now. I can’t tell me I get to goof off on Facebook and Twitter all day (even though both websites stay open on my computer every minute of the day). I needed to find something better that described what I do, and why I’m qualified to do what I do.

Fortunately for me, the answer fell right in my lap when my boss sent me an article by Bryan Kramer. He’s the president of Pure Matter, which is a brand marketing and interactive company based in San Jose, California. He does a beautiful job of outlining the Five Roles of a Social Media Strategist (which is essentially what I am) and makes it easy to understand.

Another thing Kramer does very well in this piece is he describes the type of person that would thrive in a social media strategist role. After reading this article, I hope you have a better understanding for I do. It also reassured me that my current job as digital content editor (again, essentially a social media strategist) is exactly what I should be doing given my skill set.

Thanks Bryan (Kramer, not Jensen) for helping explain what I do for a living to my parents.